Dale Company
Top U-Bolt Manufacturer Since 1959

Aluminum is a popular metal for bolts and fasteners due to its high tensile strength coupled with low weight. It has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance due to a thin layer of oxidation that forms with the metal is exposed to oxygen. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity. Aluminum is easy to machine and cast to tight tolerances.

It is an ideal material for high temperature, high wear applications and for applications that require high strength and low material weight. It is used for bolts and fasteners in machinery, motors, turbines, structural framing, electrical equipment, aerospace components, and other connectors.

The Dale Company supplies anchor bolts, U-bolts, round U-bolts, square U-bolts, long tangent U-bolts, J U-bolts, eye bolts, S-hooks, spring nuts, strut channel nuts, and specialty bolts in aluminum.