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Stainless steel is a popular material that combines the high strength, hardness, and workability of steel with excellent corrosion resistance. It is a low-cost material and certain grades can be sanitized for medical and sanitary applications.

Stainless steel is available in three main categories:

  • 200 series – General purpose stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness. 200 series stainless steel is easy to machine and work to tight tolerances. It is an austenitic metal.
  • 300 series – 300 series stainless steel are the most common stainless steel alloys. They are high strength, tough, and easy to machine and form. 304 and 316 are used for sanitary applications. They are austenitic.
  • 400 series – The 400 series stainless steels are martensitic alloys and are not as corrosion resistant as the 200 and 300 series. They have extreme strength and toughness, and are east to machine and work. They can be work-hardened.

Stainless steel is used for applications throughout industry, including processing, chemical, food processing, oil & gas, marine, motor & engine, turbines, and aerospace.

The Dale Company supplies anchor bolts, U-bolts, round U-bolts, square U-bolts, long tangent U-bolts, J U-bolts, eye bolts, S-hooks, spring nuts, strut channel nuts, and specialty bolts in stainless steel.