Dale Company
Top U-Bolt Manufacturer Since 1959

The Dale Company manufactures high-performance standard U-bolts for industrial applications. We offer U-bolts at competitive prices, with quick turnaround and same-day shipping for many products.

What are Standard U-Bolts?

The bend of the bolt keeps it in place, providing a stable and secure join once the bolt is secured. Standard U-bolts are used throughout industry as:

  • Piping support
  • Conduit support
  • Framing fasteners
  • Foundation and roof anchors
  • Wire and cable fasteners
  • Motor and engine shaft component fasteners

What Materials & Finishes are Available for Standard U-Bolts?

The Dale Company offers round U-bolts, square U-bolts, J U-bolts, eye bolts, anchor bolts, S-hooks, stainless steel u-bolts, and galvanized u-bolts. We offer standard sizes for ¼” to 36” pipe, as well as custom sizes and threading to meet your specific application requirements. Materials and finishes available for The Dale Company’s standard U-bolts include:

  • Low carbon steelLong Tangent U-Bolts Fig. 137
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Teflon Blue
  • Plain finish
  • Zinc-plated
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Hot dipped galvanized Pro-Coat™

Stock bolts have a minimum purchase of $25.

SKUDiameterInside WidthInside LengthFinish
ug361/2″2″3″Hot Dip Galvanized
up361/2″2″3″Zinc Plated
ub461/2″10 7/8″13″Standard
ug461/2″10 7/8″13″Hot Dip Galvanized
up461/2″10 7/8″13″Zinc Plated
us381/2″3″4 1/8″304 Stainless Steel
u3381/2″3″4 1/8″316 Stainless Steel
ub381/2″3″4 1/8″Standard
ug381/2″3″4 1/8″Hot Dip Galvanized
up381/2″3″4 1/8″Zinc Plated
us371/2″2 7/16″3 5/8″304 Stainless Steel
ub371/2″2 7/16″3 5/8″Standard
ug371/2″2 7/16″3 5/8″Hot Dip Galvanized
up371/2″2 7/16″3 5/8″Zinc Plated