Dale Company
Top U-Bolt Manufacturer Since 1959

The Dale Company is a leading manufacturer of long tangent U-Bolts and Fig 137 U-Bolts for industrial applications. We offer standard size and custom long tangent U-bolts at competitive prices, with quick turnaround and same-day shipping for many products.

Long tangent U-bolts Fig 137 have two threaded legs extending from a u-shaped base. The longer legs are used to mount pipe to structural material or thick flanges. The longer thread allows the bolt to be tightened against the pipe diameter, or leave a gap between the pipe and bolt if required.  The bolts are specified by thread diameter and pipe diameter to provide the length and threading required for a secure join. Our Pro-Coat U-Bolts™ offer a corrosion-resistant, low friction bolt that protects the pipe coating and performs well in harsh environments.

We offer standard sizes for ¼” to 36” pipe, as well as custom sizes and threading to meet your specific application requirements. Materials and finishes available for The Dale Company’s long tangent U-bolts include:

  • Long Tangent U-Bolts Fig. 137Zinc-plated steel
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Teflon® Blue
  • Plain finish
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Hot dipped galvanized Pro-Coat™
  • SermaGard®

Stock bolts have a minimum purchase of $25.

SKUDiameterInside WidthInside LengthFinish
ubl641″18 1/4″21 5/8″Standard
ugl641″18 1/4″21 5/8″Hot Dip Galvanized
SG641″18 1/4″21 5/8″SermaGard™
ubl651″20 1/4″24 5/8″Standard
UGL651″20 1/4″24 5/8″Hot Dip Galvanized
SG651″20 1/4″24 5/8″SermaGard™
ubl661″22 1/4″25 5/8″Standard
ubl671″24 1/4″27 5/8Standard
ugl671″24 1/4″27 5/8Hot Dip Galvanized
SG671″24 1/4″27 5/8SermaGard™
ubl701″30 1/4″35″Standard
ugl701″30 1/4″35″Hot Dip Galvanized
ubl711″36 1/4″40 1/4″Standard
ugl711″36 1/4″40 1/4″Hot Dip Galvanized
usl381/2″3″5 3/16″
u3l381/2″3″5 3/16″
ubl381/2″3″5 3/16″Standard
ugl381/2″3″5 3/16″Hot Dip Galvanized
upl381/2″3″5 3/16″Zinc Plated
usl371/2″2 7/16″4 5/8″
ubl371/2″2 7/16″4 5/8″Standard
ugl371/2″2 7/16″4 5/8″Hot Dip Galvanized
upl371/2″2 7/16″4 5/8″Zinc Plated